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CNC Router Cutting Service

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Discover the power of modern 3D signs to set your brand apart in the competitive landscape. We bring you advanced CNC router services that excel in precision cutting, routing, and V-grooving across a spectrum of materials.

What sets us apart?

Precision Craftsmanship: Our cutting-edge CNC router employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise cuts, intricate routings, and flawless V-grooving. Your designs come to life with unmatched accuracy.

Versatile Material Compatibility: Whether it’s wood, MDF, plywood, aluminium, or acrylic, our CNC router handles a diverse range of materials, giving life to your creativity.

Generous Cutting Area: With the capability to cut materials up to 3000mm x 1500mm in size, we offer ample canvas for your design aspirations.

Diverse Applications: From impactful building signs and 3D cut-out lettering to welcoming reception areas and eye-catching shop signs, freestanding signs, or even pavement signs our 3D signs make a statement. Even 3D logos come to life with precision.

Local Expertise: Based right here in Geraldton, our friendly team combines creativity and precision to design and cut your projects. Plus, we offer seamless installation services across the Mid-West region.

Work with us

We strive always to be innovative in our approach to Design, and to provide clients with the best value for money and the most current and effective solution to their marketing requirements.

Our process in place for creating effective and cost-efficient work to grow our client’s brands is simple without being simplistic.


We examine methodically and in detail our client's needs in order to define the scope and purpose of the project.


We combine your input with our creative skills to create a piece of art for your next project.


Signs, business cards, banners, flags or stickers. You name it! The design produced can be printed on most materials.


We install most of our panels, signs and stickers. Otherwise, the items can be picked up in store.

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