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Advertising Flags

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Our Advertising Flags are the ultimate choice for making your brand stand out at events, promotions, and beyond. These flags not only look fantastic but are also incredibly easy to set up and take down. Let’s dive into our exciting flag categories:

Concave Flag

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly advertising flag, look no further than our Concave Flags. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor events, making them versatile for various settings. These flags are easy to change graphics and flexible to display, ensuring your advertising messages reach a wide audience.

Convex Flag

Light and flexible, our Convex Flags are perfect for promotions. Highly customisable with various shapes and multiple hardware options, these flags are designed to help you catch more attention at trade shows and promotional events.

Rectangle Flag

Versatile and available in various sizes, our Rectangle Flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor events. They work well on busy streets, in open squares, and at crowded trade shows. We provide multiple hardware options to fit your needs, including a cross base with a water base for rough pavement and a spike for soft ground.

Shark Fin Flag

Add an authentic touch to your promotions with our Shark Fin Flags. These flags are designed to resemble the shape of a shark fin and can be custom-printed with your logo or personalised design. They’re a style-forward way to promote your event, brand, fundraiser, or business.

Teardrop Flag

Looking for a budget-friendly feather flag with a unique design? Our Teardrop Flags are the answer. Their distinctive shape allows your marketing information to stand out, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor events, busy streets, open squares, and crowded trade shows.

About Our Flags

  • Material Variety: We offer six different fabric options to make your flag, ensuring that your brand’s colours and messaging pop.
  • Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Printing: Choose the option that suits your needs. Single-sided flags display a mirror image on the back, while double-sided flags have graphics on both sides, thanks to a block-out material in the middle.
  • Full-Colour Printing: Your logo and design will shine with full-colour digital printing.
  • Hardware and Accessories: We provide a range of bases for stability, including ground spikes and cross bases. Whether you’re on grass, soil, or a cement floor, we have you covered.

Elevate your brand’s visibility with KICK solutions. Don’t miss out on exploring our range of other standout products, including custom flags, banners, table covers, and advertising tents, to make your brand shine even brighter!

Work with us

We strive always to be innovative in our approach to Design, and to provide clients with the best value for money and the most current and effective solution to their marketing requirements.

Our process in place for creating effective and cost-efficient work to grow our client’s brands is simple without being simplistic.


We examine methodically and in detail our client's needs in order to define the scope and purpose of the project.


We combine your input with our creative skills to create a piece of art for your next project.


Signs, business cards, banners, flags or stickers. You name it! The design produced can be printed on most materials.


We install most of our panels, signs and stickers. Otherwise, the items can be picked up in store.

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