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Print and Laminate Vinyl extra protection from the sun

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Print and Laminate vinyl or self adhesive vinyl is now the most popular way of achieving a finish on a sign surface. It has revolutionised the way we make signs by giving us a low labour way to create a virtually unlimited variety of artwork, lettering & colours. Also it has high UV external life while at the same time being very economical.
Partnered with laminate which is a clear material that is designed to protect.

Firstly, it offers a layer for scratch protection. Printed materials can easily be damaged by scratching since the colour you see printed on is just on top of the vinyl and not all the way through.

Secondly, it offers protection from fading. Again since the colour is just on top it is easy for it to be affected by the sun. The laminate film is like putting sunblock over your printing.

Laminate is available in a clear gloss or matt finish.

To work out what product will best suit your needs, contact us.

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